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in Yxnerum 11th to 12th of August, in Östergötland

The place Yxnerum is about one hour drive from Linköping.

GPS coordinates
WGS 84 (lat, lon):N 58° 16.839', E 16° 12.840'
WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon):58.28065, 16.21399
RT90:6461982, 1523984
SWEREF99 TM:6460598, 571193

The Yxnerum location is the same location as the first and only FCR Championship held as field trial, which took place in 1996. Yxnerum was also the place for the FM 2003.

A recommendation is to stay at Yxnerum Hotel and conferens, where dogs are allowed in the hotel room (FULLY BOOKED). There is some possibilitys to set up your caravan or camper in the area. Contact Yxnerum for futher information.
Book your room and/or camping area directly by Yxnerum Hotel and conferens. Code: Flatcoated retriever
Telefon: + 46 (0)120-610 22
Be sure to make your reservation in time!

For other accommodations, please contact Åtvidabergs Tourist Office www.atvidaberg.se
Tel: +46 (0)120-120 98 or e-mail turism@atvidaberg.se

Lunch and refreshments are available, at your own expense, during the championship days. 

On Saturday night, we eat a nice dinner together, at a cost of 195 SEK (buffet and water / light beer included)
The restaurant is fully licensed!
The dinner must be ordered and paid 14 days before the championship
Telefon: + 46 (0)120-610 22

Basic round of young dog class (UKL), Beginners class (NKL), and Open class (ÖKL).

Basic round of Elite class (EKL) and Championship for Veteran class (VKL)
Championship Finals for the UKL, NKL, ÖKL, and EKL

Youth class (UKL):
The class is open for dogs which has reached 9 months of age but not 24 months, on the Championship’s first day.

Beginners class (NKL), Open class (ÖKL), Elite class (EKL) according to the Swedish Spaniel and Retrieve club B-level test rules

Veteran class (VKL):
The class is open to dogs which has reached the age of 9 years on the Championship’s first day

Mr. Lasse Söderström +46 (0)702-100947 or
Mrs. Ulla Thienemann +46 (0)768-483300, +46 (0)125-24001

Entering Flatcoated retriever Championship
You enter your dog/s on this website.
Further instructions and information will come!
Last day for entering and payment: 4th of June 2012.


Fill in the forms all 3 pages. After sending you will get an email to the emailaddress you filled in the form with payment instructions.´
By entering your dog you agree that FM2012 can publish the dogs name and the owners name on www in entering- and resultlists.



Entering fees
UKL and NKL: 325 SEK
ÖKL and EKL:  350 SEK
VKL: 300 SEK



IBAN:SE83 8000 0848 0692 3040 1532 


Account owner:
Östergötlands Flatcoated Retriver klubb
Mr Freddy Alm


Mr. Freddy Alm
E-mail alm.f@telia.com
Phone: + 46 (0)70-6663276



Championship information
FM2012 committee has received a lot of constructive comments on the proposed championship set-up. We are very pleased indeed to all the Flat coated retriever people are so engaged.

We have therefore decided to consider "another turn" on how the FM is added up.

But one thing that we can directly let everyone know, there will be only one judge at each station.

More information will come later

Lars Soderstrom and Ulla Thienemann,
FM2012 Committee